You pro1bably already noticed that the price of tires (regardless of the brand) has increased… If one of your tires shows signs of injuries, it’s now time to correct the situation, before the busy season! Whether you need rubber to be rebuilt before a water infiltration contaminates the internal structure or if it has already been damaged, the size of our repairs will go beyond your expectations!




1. What are our repair tolerances?

  • Rubber only: For a rubber reconstruction, there is no limitation. As shown in the above picture, we make sure to 2put the tire back to its original condition; this will ensure peace of mind to everybody!
  • Steel structural damage (radial tires) and nylon damage (bias tires): In this condition, tires will either end up with bulges or will show a loss of pressure. In this particular situation, a section repair will be performed. In order to do so, we use precise and rigorous standards. In the right picture, you will notice that repair tolerances for this 35/65R33 are marked with a coloured chalk. In the present case, dependently on the direction of the injury tolerance is 5-3/4’’x10’’ (white) or 4’’x18’’ (green).

To get a better idea of our repair tolerances, we invite you to view our simplified chart:  However, keep in mind that the final diagnosis will be performed at the factory.


2. Wonder why we had the best scores throughout Canada on previous certifications? Here are some clues …


More than 40 years of experience

We specialize and focus in outsized tires

Lifelong learning and audits

We only use first quality brand patches such as Tech and TipTop

Innovation and proper lifting equipment designed in-house according to our needs and standards

Standard tools, 5s standards


4Cleanliness throughout the plant

The use of autoclaves

Outstanding finish

5 year warranty




You would like to see ’’How it works?’’, we invite you to view the following video:


Daniel Marleau – CEO LanOTR