I’m sure you will say that the weight is concentrated on the front part of the loader. This is in fact the case, but why not put the same pressure in the rear tires?

For most loaders, a single rear tire would be more than enough for the rated load of the equipment. All loaders have two rear tires to ensure more TRACTION. That’s why putting less pressure in the rear tires provides more traction and allows the bucket to penetrate rock, dirt, and sand.

You can either call us or consult the manufacturer’s Fitment Guide to check the correct pressure for your equipment.

How many kinds of rubber compounds are there?

There are generally (may differ from one manufacturer to another) 5 kinds of rubber compounds used for earthmover tires:

  • Ultra Cut Resistant: Increased resistance to cuts and punctures. The disadvantage is that the tire is less resistant to heat.
  • Cut Resistant : Cut and puncture resistant but not very heat resistant.
  • Standard : Versatile tire
  • Heat Resistant : Heat resistant but less resistant to cuts.
  • Ultra Heat Resistant : Increased heat resistance but significantly less cut resistant.


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