The last two years have been difficult and full of uncertainties for most companies. However, the lack of personnel due to government actions regarding COVID-19 and the lack of raw materials have affected us recently.

  • Hiring new employees had become an “high-flying” adventure until the government COVID-19 programs end last October. During the pandemic, it was not uncommon to see an employee go on break and never come back! Maintaining the level of training and expertise has been a constant challenge for our experienced employees. Since the end of last fall, we have been able to stabilize our workforce and implement the training plans. As this profession cannot be learned at school, we have developed training sessions for each position, which are accompanied by a formal audit to confirm the acquisition of knowledge. We were already very proud of it but it is even more interesting today, since it can quickly bring our team to an appropriate level of quality and versatility.
  • Last fall, as for many other companies, we’ve seen our raw material supply times go from a few weeks to almost 5 months!!! At LanOTR, we didn’t hesitate and immediately ordered twice as many raw materials as usual, and our orders are now made over a 5-month planning horizon. This increased our inventories significantly, but we are less likely to be caught off guard.

We are therefore hopeful that we will be able to maintain our normal deadlines at this time.


To all those interested!

The LanOTR team