Prices of sea container transport keep rising and surprising us. As a result, tire prices are significantly affected, including fall pre-orders and all other imported goods.


For a few months now, we can see that international trade has been totally transformed by the pandemic and that containers accumulating on the West Coast are not returning to Asia. It used to cost $4,000 for transporting a sea container at the end of 2020, compared to $20,000 in July 2021! Not only has the price gone up, but even if we pay higher prices, there is often no containers available… Regardless of the goods to be transported and when they are ready for shipment, they remain stuck at the port or supplier for several weeks before being loaded! Therefore, suppliers can no longer guarantee any price and even pre-booked tire orders cost more.


Unfortunately, there is not much we can do to deal with this situation. For our part, we have increased our inventories to respond to any eventuality.

Have a great summer!

The LanOTR team