Well, that is not our case because we have dozens of tires in stock!
Let’s find out why some mining companies in the Labrador Trough prefer our products over any other.

Of course, I’m sure you are aware that installing winter tires on these steel monsters is not an option! To ensure maintenance of the roads on which they operate, support equipment (which is also out of proportion), does require winter traction. It can sometimes make the difference between being stuck or being able to clear the road.

In the past years, some mining companies have conducted several tests with various winter tires. As we have to deal with extreme and changing conditions, traction is critical and essential. In a world where road sanding means spreading 2-inch gravel, tires are subjected to harsh conditions. The principle of winter traction is now well known: the blocks of the tire treads must have siping, but the size of the blocks and the tread design also play a significant role. Based on the test findings, operators have concluded that traction is the key success factor… that’s the reason why we are retreading their tires!

Daniel Marleau – CEO LanOTR