While some activities have slowed down in the spring, or even completely stopped for a few weeks, many companies are cautious about purchasing new tires. On our part, we have seen a clear trend towards tire repair. Although people’s confidence in the economy is slowly returning, they have to plan for spending on tires again.


In the current circumstances, it is certainly advantageous to repair and retread your tires, rather than buying new ones. Repairing a tire usually costs around 10% of the value of the original tire. In addition, our repairs being baked in a furnace, you will get your original tires back in like-new condition, and you would be surprised at the size of damage we are able to repair! To get an idea of the size of repairable damages, I invite you to consult our charter or send us a picture at this address:


As for retreading, you can generally expect to pay 50% of the priceof a brand name tire, and 75 to 77% of a low-end tire!


Have a great summer!

The LanOTR team