As in recent years, sourcing new tires of all brands and models will remain chaotic.

We thought we would give you a summary of our tire treads and their uses to help you choose the right products that meet your needs.

LHA – L3/E3

This tread is versatile and efficient for loaders in construction operations.

LADN – E3/L3

This tread is mainly intended for articulated trucks and offers good heat dissipation and superior traction.

LKT – G2/L2 (previously ML70)

Check out this improved tread that offers more ground surface. This tread is mainly suitable for graders and allows a fine grading without vibration. It is also a cost-effective solution for loaders.

LSNT – L4/E4

This deeper tread offers superior protection and improved service life for loading operations, but also for articulated trucks.

LDT – E4/L4

This tread has proven itself with the 18.00R33 and the 24.00R35 but we also use it for the 21.00R33, 21.00R35 and even for the 35/65R33 L4.

LSNOW – L2/G2 and Nokian

Those who have understood that the compound of these winter treads is not “soft” and that it is perfectly suitable in the warmer season know that these treads even wear out less quickly on paved surfaces. Why? Simply because these treads have excellent ground surfaces.

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The LanOTR team