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Reconditioned refers to an old part that has been restored to “like-new” condition in terms of performance and reliability. This economical solution will allow you to extend the life of your wheels. On average, we’re able to rebuild the wheels twice.







Reconditioned wheel manufacturing steps

1- Initial inspection: inspection of the wheel to determine whether it can be reconditioned, and whether there are any cracks or deformations. We measure the toughness of the wheel at the beginning of the process, for comparison with the final inspection.

2- Cleaning: the wheel is acid washed to remove all traces of dirt.

3- Grinding: the wheel is ground to remove all contaminants. Grinding prepares the wheel surface for welding.

4- Welding: the wheel’s lips are professionally filled.

5- Machining: the wheel is placed in an industrial lathe to recreate the wheel’s original shape to the nearest thousandth of an inch.

6- Final inspection: a visual inspection of the wheel is performed out by our experts, and the wheel’s toughness is measure in order to ensure its reliability.

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Can your wheels be reconditioned?

Three criteria’s must be met before a wheel can be reconditioned:

1- The wheel must be in good condition: no cracks, no deformation.

2- Wheel bolt holes must have roughly maintained their original shape, the wheel’s bolt holes are compliant acceptable if they are smaller than or equal to the hole in our template.

3- The exterior lip needs to be superior or equal to 1/8″.
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When should you have your wheels reconditioned?

It’s easy to find out if your wheels need to be reconditioned, thanks to our template.


Position our template on the wheel lip.

  • If there’s a gap between the bottom of the template and the wheel, your wheel is still good and you can wait to have it reconditioned.

gabarit requiert pas réusinage
  • If there is no gap between the bottom of the template and the wheel, your wheel needs to be reconditioned.

Gabarit quand réusiner

Lanotr offers a 5-year warranty on Reconditioned wheel manufacturing

We strongly believe in our products and we are convinced that your confidence is the key to our future.  That’s why we offer the best warranty on the market.  Feel free to compare and see for yourself!

LanOTR is certified SAE J267-198312

This SAE Recommended Practice provides minimum performance target and uniform laboratory procedures for fatigue testing of wheels and demountable rims intended for normal highway use on trucks, buses, truck-trailers, and multipurpose vehicles.


Our pick-up and delivery service is available throughout the East Coast: Ontario, Quebec, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island and Newfoundland.