You already know that we retread and repair earthmover tires (OTR), but some of you may not be aware that we also repair and retread industrial tires such as pneumatic, foam-filled, solid or even the new “Tweel” tires.


Tweel tires:

These tires are more expensive than their pneumatic counterparts, and they have the advantage of being protected against punctures. They are also surprisingly comfortable. But did you know that they can be retreaded if caught in time? Shown here with an LSnow tread, we also retread tires with slick, LZM and ML70 treads. A retreaded tire will last at least as long as an original tire, but we have tested tires with slick treads, and they can last up to two times longer than an original tire. Currently, some Tweels tires can be retreaded twice, thus providing VERY substantial savings to users.








Solid wheels and tires:

    • Whether to retread drive wheels or solid tires with slick soles, it is also possible to retread ru
    • bber wheels and even steel wheels. Indeed, we can reshape metal to rebuild wheels of all sizes with a special cement for steel or aluminum.














  • LDS or LSNOW treads: Forklift tires with snow treads will allow the owner to use the forklift, even if there is some snow on the ground. This is very convenient for customers who do not have a loading dock.







To all those interested!

The LanOTR team