tracteurLanOTR has been retreading agricultural tires with snow treads for 7 years now. The tractor you see here is the first equipped with our tires retreaded in October 2011. Since our treads are designed for earthmover (OTR) tires, they will obviously wear out, but very slowly. In this case, they only lost a few 32nds.


The short story:

The story began with a user who had noticed the benefits on his loader and wanted to equip his tractors in the same way, because he said he lacked grip with agricultural tires when the road was icy.

He worked in neighborhoods where entrances into houses were in the basement, and regardless of the precautions he took and the spreading of abrasive, his tractors sometimes slid until they collided with something… and his operators were “fighting” to use the loader.

We subsequently learned that savings in fuel and time justified by far the use of our products… some users even no longer need to add “calcium” or chains… Yes, 7 years already!



Daniel Marleau – CEO LanOTR