LanOTR is launching his larger OTR retreading

LanOTR is launching his larger OTR retreading



Dear friends,


After many hours, efforts and hard work without forgetting a building expansion and an investment of 1.2M$ we can finally announce you this good news: We are no longer limited to 6’ of diameter in the OTR retreading. We can retread tires up to 27.00-49.


Five years ago when I acquired the company, it was undeniable that the future was in the OTR retread. From the beginning, we repair all dimensions including giant tires like 40.00R57 or 46/90R57, but it was obvious for me that one day, we would be retreading bigger. It has been  the case for the 29.5R25, 18.00R33 a few years ago and today we are taking a major step.


The tread selection has been crucial and thoroughly organized. In fact, nothing could be left to chance for those sizes. We know that the customers like to recognize the tread designs and they are also expecting the same yield as a brand new tire from a popular brand; this is exactly what we have to offer!


Finally, I would like to thank you for your support; this is what allows us to give you the best of us! We are looking forward to work with you!

TRA Dimension Depth Application
 E4 E4 18.00R33 74/32th
  • Rocks, Quarry, Mines
  • Outstanding traction with its agressive design
  • The flat shredding process ensures a maximum protection on the sidewalls and shoulders
E4 21.00R33 74/32th
E4 21.00R35 74/32th
E4 24.00R35 87/32th
E4 27.00R49 100/32th
 L5 L5 29.5R25 / 29 120/32th
  • Rocks, Quarry, Mines
  • Grip and loading efficiency
  • Low wear dur to the greater depth of the tread design
  • Improved stability when loading and moving


L5 35/65R33 122/32th



Best Regards,


Daniel Marleau

CEO – LanOTR inc.