After a year of effort: Here it is!!

After a year of effort: Here it is!!

It took us more than a year of designing, lab tests and fine tuning to launch this exclusive tread:

Here is LADN!

This tread is sturdier and deeper, but based on the XADN design by Michelin. It has been reproduced by a multitude of OTR manufacturers due to its innovative design and being well suited for applications requiring robustness and traction.

The development process was very methodical: Conception and research of a design not identical but regrouping the best characteristics of new tires having a similar design, as well as control and choice of the best rubber compound extending to laboratory tests. Evaluation of production methods and quality control of our suppliers and finally, our own plant tests and controls upon reception of the merchandise.

Therefore, this is, like everything else we do, a Superior Quality product!


Tire Tread Code Depth 32nd Application

camion mini

grader mini


63/32e (29.5R25) 

60/32e (26.5R25)

57/32e (23.5R25)

  • The rubber and the depth of the tread offers an exceptional life span as well as an increased protection of the carcass.
  • The design offers superior traction and a good ability to cleanse itself.
  • 29.5R25
  • 26.5R25
  • 23.5R25
  • Available
  • Available
  • Available