We are currently the only OTR tire retreader that does not have trucks with articulated booms. We tried using such equipment, but it was slowing us down considerably when picking up and delivering tires. Since the trailer had to be uncoupled from the tractor, it caused unnecessary loss of time and longer delays when bringing and returning tires. The challenge was taken up as a team who had to design a trailer that would make it easier to load several sizes of tires, as smoothly and safely as possible.

Some innovations :

• 4 side doors: the aim is to easily load and unload the tires, whether with a forklift, tractor, loader, or other equipment… The loading operation is much faster, since it takes half the time it used to. Our main goal: increasing the speed of execution.

• An 8-foot long lift platform with a load capacity of over 4000 lbs. The aim is to make sure that the capacity is sufficient and most importantly, the 8 feet length allows a forklift to load tires directly from the sides, which speeds up the process. Once again, loading operations must be carried out quickly and effectively.

• Finally, the side doors can also stay open while on the road, allowing to transport excessively wide tires.


For now, this truck and driver Yvon Laparé are assigned to the Ontario and Abitibi markets. That being said, after a few months of testing and fine-tuning, we will proceed with purchasing a similar trailer for our other markets.


Always moving forward!

The LanOTR team