Dear friends, here is how serious we can be on our warranty.

We have extended our manufacturing warranty from 2 to 5 years, the same as for major brands tires.



Performance warranty: we will beat our competition, with a minimal saving of 20% compared to a new tire.

We invite you to open the attached document for details and conditions!


I raised the tire pressure on my loader because it rocks too much when loading… 

Be careful with the pressure. Most manufacturers have fitment guides to identify which air pressure to use depending on the make and model of each type of equipment. In fact it is all about the load and distribution capacity on the equipment in question. However, in this case, note that an over pressurized tire could explode. Before reaching this stage it could:

  1. Be prone to damage if the tire cannot move under the impact of rocks and other debris.
  2. Develop cracks depending on its radial or conventional construction.
  3. Could show uneven wear which diminishes its useful life.
  4. Furthermore, if the equipment balances out it means the bucket is in the air when attempting to take a curve… caution is recommended!



The LanOTR Team