The slowdown due to the Charbonneau Commission and above all, the mass arrival of low-end tires from China was a heavy challenge that could have killed our business… But here we are! Persistence and innovation have paid off! This recognition is more than welcome and highlights our efforts.

It is well known that over the past few years, low-end tires have changed the landscape of the industry to the point that, according to some working in the truck tire retreading sector, retreading has become an option that is only popular for large fleets of vehicles, which benefit from the national accounts of major manufacturers. Independent companies are now opting for medium or low-end tires.

As for earthmover tires, the reality is that we had become uncompetitive with low-end tires and that few users of heavy machinery were willing to pay the same price, or even higher, for retreaded tires. So, what could we do? Finally, after several tests in various directions, we have developed our supply chain. In other words, we have built our own tread molds and built up our expertise in this area.

Today, we are not only back on track and competitive again with low-end tires, but we can now develop our own models of treads based on the market needs.

None of this would have been possible without the support of our partners: customers, employees, dedicated economic players, our creditors, and our families.

Thank you!

The LanOTR team.