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Monthly Newsletter: November 2015




How dare we pretend to beat our competitors?

 Since we’ve launched our new quality policy, this question comes up occasionally. Some people even told me that it was a « bold statement ». As a matter of a fact, this warranty policy is the result of more than 6 years of hard work. Also, it proves a clear commitment towards our employees… If we do not beat competition on cost per hour, we’ll pay the difference! It’s our motivation, our will to do better and here’s how we can make it happen:

  • A buffing method that will respect the original shape of the tire. The method used by our competitors removes the shoulders:
    • By doing so, they alter the tire mechanic’s… the bending point provided by manufacturers on a precise area of the sidewall then climbs towards the tread which has a tendency to create cracks towards the sidewall and the shoulders.
    • The tire that has lost its original shape has a tendency to become rounder. Therefore, the ground surface is reduced. That’s the reason why even compared to an identical tread, ours will last longer.
    • During the buffing process, we do our very best to keep the original shape of the sidewalls; including the protective band which increases sidewalls’ protection…
  • The compound used for the tread is meant for the tread… Our competitors by removing the shoulders and/or willing to do a complete moulding, will use compounds that I will call ‘’in between’’. A bending capacity for the sidewalls and an abrasion resistance quite different from the original.

Basically, our recipe is quite simple, but efficient. The question that haunts us remains the same … how can we release the full potential of your tires?


The LanOTR Team