Two weeks ago I met with a client struggling with a ratio problem. For a novice, on a farm tractor, since the front and rear tires are of different sizes, it is difficult to know, for example on something like a Loader, if the diameters conform to differential tolerances. So, if we have used tires or tires of different brands, it is easily possible that one is out ratio, so… beware the differential!

In this case, everything was working perfectly when the equipment wasn’t loaded. The technician changed the ratios so that it would be standard when loaded, but now, without the load, nothing was right. “The tractor is recent and it’s only for snow! he said.” Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow… Farm tractors are now used for more than just agriculture, even if they are being delivered with tires made for farming. In this case, the extendable shovel on the front of the tractor exceeded the load capacity of the original R1 tires and the range between the axle and the ground had become too small. The solution: change to a more rugged R4 design. My advice: When buying a tractor, specify what equipment will be used, especially for snow, blowers and expandable shovels that are generally heavy and could bring unpleasant surprises!