The price of used tires will vary depending on their general condition and the supply and demand, but it’s easier than you might think. Whether for sale or purchase, you will find a very useful tool on our website at:

Click on “Used tire value”


Let’s take for example a tire that would cost you $7,000 if it was new.

New, the depth of the tire should be 50/32th but it is worn and is currently 29/32th deep. Here’s how to use the tool:

New tire price: Enter the value of the tire as if it was new.

Original tread depth: Enter the depth of the new tire.

End of life tread depth: Tires smaller than 29.5R25 are usually removed at 10/32th while 29.5R25 or larger tires are removed at 15/32th.

Current tread depth: Enter the current tire depth. If the wear is uneven, enter the smallest depth.

Used tire devaluation: The fact that the tire is used causes it to lose a little more value than its level of wear. So, if the tire is in great condition, the devaluation would be around 10% while the standard would be between 15 and 20%.

Click on “Calculate” to obtain the value of your used tire.


The LanOTR team