Used in a variety of applications, graders are among the most popular equipment these days and various attachments can be added for snow removal, ditch cleaning, etc. Not to mention the more typical finishing work (fine grading) using an electronic level… But here’s the problem, their traction system is not only made up of a differential… it is also chain driven, which makes it harder to choose the right tires.


In the picture shown above, we can see that chains are used for power transmission. This has a major impact since a chain will not tolerate variation in tire sizes… therefore, if a tire is smaller than another, it will have to rotate more than the biggest tire, but the chain will prevent any uneven rotation, resulting in uneven and premature wear, wheel hop on paved roads, and so on.


The basic rule for a grader: it is imperative to use tires of the same diameter!

Daniel Marleau – CEO LanOTR