LanOTR was founded in 1976 by Mr. André St-Jean.  In the hands of a dynamic and professional team, the company has quickly positioned itself as one of the most flourishing in the Lanaudière region. At the time, the company’s activities were focused on the sale of new tires, retreading and installation of truck tires,  and repair services. More specifically, LanOTR was one of the first Bandag retreading plants in Canada.


It was in the early 90s that the demand for retreading and repairing earthmover tires becomes obvious. Gradually, the plant expands, the facilities are transformed and a new pool of customers is interested in the new products and services offered.


In 2009, Daniel Marleau, a young entrepreneur, acquires the company and brings with it a wind of change. With many projects in mind, he takes the reins in order to develop the full potential of the company. In 2010, things change radically for LanOTR.  The company becomes a full-fledged factory and positions itself as the “right hand man” of tire retailers across Quebec. The earthmover tires are under the spotlight and the team is now focused on retreading and repairing  heavy machinery tires.


In 2011, with the expertise and boldness of its staff, LanOTR presents the very first agricultural retread in the world. An all-weather resistant tread which charmed, among others, snow removal companies. An innovation that changed the world of tires in Quebec.


In 2013, all efforts were made to appeal to the Ontario market.

Since then, LanOTR services several retailers across the great Toronto area and much more.


More than ever, LanOTR has the wind in its sails and is looking towards the future. The recent projects have proven to be successful and the team does not plan to stop there. After an expansion and an investment of 1.2M $, the factory now has state-of-the-art equipment that can retread tires up to 10 ½ feet diameter.


It is with pride that LanOTR has over 300 retailers across Quebec, Ontario and the Maritimes. There is no doubt that the company is determined to carry out major projects and making history as a leader in retreading earthmover tires.