The company


LanOTR’s mission is to be the leader in retreading and civil engineering repair throughout North America by offering high quality products and services. It is essential that our team unleashes its full potential. We also encourage our partners and the rubber products they use to do the same.

Our value system promotes 5 behaviors important to us.


From the beginning, our team has always positioned itself as experts in the repair and retreading of tires and with good reasons! Almost 36 years of experience, loyal employees that have been with us for 20 years, and experts that have been forged by technical learning directly in our factory. The title of professional, we have acquired it over the years.

Respect & Honesty

No need to tell you that respect and honesty are values that must be an integral part of working relationships. It is important for us to improve the tire world image in regards to honesty and respect. In fact, in an industry like ours where small players can tag themselves as experts, it is essential to be able to stand out by giving straightforward answers to our customers. All our employees, suppliers and contributors are also entitled to these values.

Innovation and Cutting Edge

We pay particular attention to our research and development. We are always attentive to new requirements and changes in our industry. It is essential to be able to adapt and respond to market demands. We were the very first, and still the only ones offering retreading for agricultural tires used for snow removal using a winter tread. In 2010, to counter the scourge of perforations in tires caused by forgotten nails, we put in place the Lano Detect. This machine, designed by ourselves for our own use, uses static electricity to detect all perforations that our eyes cannot perceive.

Our Equipement

When a new device is required, we simply built it. Quality is always first!


  • Multiple implications in the municipality of Lanoraie
  • Participation in the 2014 Ice Bucket Challenge  for the SLA foundation
  • Fundraising campaign for the Leucan Shaved Head Challenge