Why develop such a tool? We need to evaluate the value of used tires on a regular basis using laborious methods of calculation… We needed to find a fast and simple way to get the answer. By gathering the best practices found in the industry, we managed to integrate the parameters in order to obtain a realistic value.

Our calculator is available as of now! Just go to our website’s home page: www.lanotr.com  and click on “USED TIRE VALUE”. Really easy to use!

Procedure :

  1. Enter value of the new tire, for example tire was paid : 5000$
  2. Enter tread depth of the new tire (in 32nd), for example:44
  3. Enter tread depth (in 32nd) of the tire at the end of its useful life. Suggestion: <29.5R25 : 10                                                                                                                  Suggestion =>29.5R25 : 15, for example: 10
  4. Enter actual tread depth (in 32nd) for example : 25
  5. Enter impairment loss of the used tire in % (between 15% and 20%), for example: 15%                                                                                                                                        Note: Besides tread wear, the value of a used tire will depreciate as well.
  6. Click on “calculate” and you will get the value of the tire, in the present case: 1875$


We hope you’ll find this tool useful!

Kind regards,

The LanOTR team