Which company does not currently suffer from the shortage of staff, operators, and truckers? The solution is probably much simpler than you think … but where is the driver’s cab in this truck?

You will find below three short videos that will give you an insight into the new autonomous driving technologies. The first video talks about the mining sector. It is well known that many mines are often located in remote and inhospitable areas. Getting workers to these places is not easy and work shifts are usually long. Autonomous vehicles are fitted with sensors to avoid collisions, accelerations and speeds comply with the manufacturer’s recommendations, and the impact of fatigue is not relevant anymore… Those are just a few examples of the advertised benefits.
The second video presents a solution for road trucks and the third video focuses on an innovative solution for autonomous vehicles used in a quarry.
This is good news for maintenance and tire wear. Indeed, the heavy machinery operator has a huge influence on the wear and service life of the tires. Multiple factors influence performance, whether it is acceleration, braking, and travel speed. Not to mention the quantities loaded and debris removal during loading operations, which also have an influence on the tire wear.

It’s the video game that became reality!

The LanOTR team.

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